Tough Loss in OT

Huskies 3 vs U of I 4

Throughout the game it was pretty much a tie match. Any goal U of I scored the Huskies answered back. It was the end of the second and the third period where the Huskies started to struggle by spending too much time in the penalty box. Victor Martinez received a game misconduct and two second into that penalty kill the University of Illinois scored their OT goal for the win.

A few minor injuries also came out of this game. Brian Allen took a shot in the back and has developed a bruise. It’s still unsure whether Allen will play in Saturdays game at 3:50 pm or not. Other injuries came from Rich Pierzynski who took a hit in the head and reported dizziness. Pierzynski should be fine and will play in the Saturday game. Matt Hayen also took a shot in the elbow but should be in good enough condition to play.

Hope are high for the second game as Coach Lundin said he will make sure penalties don’t get the best of the team as they did in Fridays’ game.