NIU Comes Out Even On Trip To Missouri

The Huskies went face off against RMC Maroon hoping to get something started for the second half of the season and came out even with a loss on Friday and a win on Saturday.

NIU loss 6-3 on Friday despite a disqualification for #26 Rearson on RMC. However, the Huskies came back on Saturday to take a game back with a score of 8-5. RMC again saw more their players leave the game with disqualifications from #45 Truch and #91 Vahmistrovs.

NIU now heads to Missouri State University to play two games against 2nd place* Missouri State University. After those two games the Huskies come back to their new home rink at Fox Valley Ice Arena to face off against the University of Missouri on January 27th and 28th. Both sets of games against of Missouri State and the University of Missouri are league games.

*League standings from as of 12/05/2005.