New Launches

DEKALB, Ill. – The NIU Huskies launched the new today. While the new site may look similar to its past website there are many changes. First of all, the new website has been completely re-designed and re-written from the ground up. The website now takes advantage of CSS, ASP, ASP.NET and other technologies that will provide a faster and smoother working website. Below are a number of things that have been added and changed with the new website:


The new website now works with more browsers ensuring more viewers can enjoy Microsoft Internet Explorer and FireFox users are now able to view the new website.


All forms now use ASP.NET to ensure security with each submission. This will promise better peace of mind to our visitors knowing that no one else is intercepting or reading your message except for your intended receiver.

Speed and Convenience

The new website is on average more than 40% faster than the previous website. This means getting your information faster with slower loading times. This is especially crucial to our dialup viewers.

In the past only certain pages were printer friendly and they required extra maintenance by the webmaster. Now each page offers a special print view that is integrated into your browser which reduces maintenance at and ink usage on the viewers end. Just simply print a webpage by pressing “Ctrl + P” or by using the print button on your browser.

New Homepage

The new homepage now offers more information to the user at the door. Viewers can now see the next three upcoming games in the “Upcoming Schedule” box and view the scores from the last and upcoming game with the all new “Previous Game” and “Current Game” tabs. On the second half of the page, viewers can now get the latest news headlines and the latest additions to the multimedia section. In addition, the Huskie Poll is back and a new MACHA League Standings box keeps NIU Hockey fans updated with the Huskies ranking.

Much More

Besides what has been mentioned above, there are many more additions and improvements to the new We will also be undergoing changes so stay tuned for new additions such as the brand new Photo Gallery and Message Boards. was built and is maintained by Ninth Hour Productions.