New DII Assistant Coach David Goldsmith

6/12/2012 – Dekalb, IL – David Goldsmith is excited to become a Huskie, the Cleveland area native is thrilled to be a first year assistant coach for the Northern Illinois University D2 hockey team. Goldsmith a recent graduate of the University of Iowa and former Hawkeye defensemen has been playing hockey his whole life and while this may be his first year on the bench he has years of management experience. He has ran multiple spring teams, clinics and helped recruit players from the Chicagoland area to play for North Coast Hockey development  with the hopes of getting them seen on the East coast because as he put it “its a goldmine” referring to the amount college hockey programs throughout the area.

He then spoke about some nuts and bolts of coaching hockey, I asked him about the differences between playing hockey and coaching hockey. He said off the bat when you make the transition it’s more mental than physical. There are some differences; when you are a player “when you are on the ice you are focused on what you are doing while also trying to help your team win”. As a coach “it changes. You are not looking specifically what one player needs to do well, but always putting the right guys in the right place to win”. In both cases you need the mentality “whatever you have to do to win”.

Goldsmith also played defensive back for the Lake Forest College Foresters earlier in college and I asked him about some of the differences between a being on a football team versus a hockey team. “In football we had sixty-five guys on the team and in most cases you only got close with the guys that played your position. In a football locker room, you can hide so to speak, in hockey there are five guys on the ice and you have to be responsible for one another”. He went on to mention the new locker room built for the Pittsburgh Penguins and how it’s a circle, which forces each player to be accountable and are forced to look every person in the eyes. “Playing hockey is the truest sense of brotherhood I have ever felt”.

He also talked about coaching philosophy. Goldsmith says it is really important to remember that these guys are students first and it is very important to always take school first and with the utmost importance. As far as on the ice “the main thing is team first…Really what you put into the game preparation, will manifest itself on the ice”. He went on to say because he played at the NCAA level he knows about the level of competition that the Huskies will encounter. “We are coming to play. This isn’t just playing pickup against your buddies. We want to win. We are going to prepare to win. We have a lot a talent here and we will continue to have a lot of talent here at NIU”.