Ian Kalanges – Forward

#12 Ian Kalanges

Forward for the 2005-2006 Season

Ian Kalanges is a second year Huskie originally from Lake In The Hills, IL. Ian was ranked 3rd on the team for penalty minutes in the 2005-2006 season.

Recently, Ian answered a few of the questions submitted by fans. Thank you for all of you that contributed.

Name: Matt Schwenk
Question: What were the biggest challenges you faced coming into this last season? What or who was the biggest loss to the team this year? What is your favorite place to eat in DeKalb? What was your best game this year?

Kalanges: The biggest challenges I faced coming into this season was dealing with a coaching change. The past 2 seasons have seen two different styles of coaching and success from both in different ways. At times I felt the change was both an advantage and a disadvantage reflecting on the discipline, playing strategy, and overall environment of the team. On lost players, the 04-05 was a good team. We lost good players/upper-class leadership in Jeff Hohlman, Darcy Folliard, and Rich Pierzynski. All 3 of them had letters on their jerseys and deserved them respectively. I also felt all 3 of their presences were lost with all bringing great game-breaking moments and quality leadership skills. My own personal favorite place to eat in DeKalb would be Tom and Jerrys. They have the best subs. My best game as in most memorable would have to be beating RMC Maroon at their house at the end of Christmas break. Personally I thought I had my “best” games when we beat RMC Maroon and the 2nd game versus Grand Valley State.

NIUHockey.com: Do you plan on playing with the Huskies for the rest of your college time at NIU?

Kalanges: Yes I do plan on playing the rest of my college time at NIU. Hockey has been a great passion of mine since I was 6 and has been is a major part of my life since. I am very fortunate to still be playing after high school at a very competitive level. I also am able to play with a great group of guys who feel like brothers to me while getting a very good education.

Name: Peter Kabatek
Question: What do I have to do to play hockey for the Northern Illinois University, apply for school or what?

Kalanges: Yes, getting into the school is a good 1st step. From there you can contact me, Victor Martinez, or Robert Martinez via the online message system or at niuhockey@hotmail.com to tell us a bit about yourself.

Name: Bo
Question: What is your best memory as a Huskie?

Kalanges: Best memory as a Huskie? There are way too many to mention. I believe the past 2 seasons in general have been a very memorable experience. Getting to travel all the time and playing against other big name schools while being with some of the best people you’ll meet in life is an experience in itself. The memories of winning big games against RMC Maroon, DePaul, and Central Michigan stick out but where it all began was a big one. My 1st game as a Huskie at University of Illinois was a big one for me. Playing in front of a couple hundred people and being a 18 year old freshmen in my 1st game was nerve wrecking. It was the 1st of many great to come.

Name: Gus
Question: What did it feel like when Matt Michelini scored before you this season?

Kalanges: I felt happy for him. Having a player come in 3 quarters of the way through the season and having been injured all season, he was able to step up and put one home for us. I personally did not have a season up to my expectations and felt I could of provide more to the team them I did. I hope next year will be a season on the rise for myself.

Name: Mike
Question: You are my hero. You got 2 goals in the last game. How do you feel?

Kalanges: Thank you Mike! I didn’t know I was someone’s hero. Yes, the last game of the season I put in a pair of goals versus Western Illinois. As I mentioned before I didn’t have the best of seasons but went out on a bang and hopefully it will roll over to next year.

Kalanges: I’d like to thank you all for sending in your personal questions and also thank you for supporting the NIU Huskies. I hope to see all of you out at our games next year!