Huskies Steal Show In The Second Period

Huskies 3 vs RMC (MAROON) 5

Huskies Look To Be Turning Season Around

The Huskies were going into this game with a 0-2 record just as RMC was. The first period seemed to have started where the last game left off. At 18:58 Chris Craig got the teams first penalty for roughing. The Huskies would have a total of four penalties in the first period with two goals against. Robert Martinez (#31) would face the most shots which totaled 15 in the first period. RMC also seemed to command play in the first period against the disorganized Huskies.

The second period would start with a complete change in play from the Huskies. The Huskies only had one penalty in the second period and would fire back at RMC with three goals. More than half of the second period was by far controlled by the Huskies. They would constantly keep the puck in RMC’s zone and seemed to make RMC look lost and beyond disorganized. RMC was only able to get one goal with 13 shots in the second.

Just as the first and second period transition made the Huskies switch their playing style, the second and third period transition would make them switch back. The Huskies would take two penalties and often fumbled for the puck. RMC capitalized and scored two goals in just 9 shots. The final scored ended up being 5-3 in three periods of hockey.

Statistical Recap

0 for 11 in power plays (Huskies) / 3 for 7 in power plays (RMC)

Huskies 32 shots / RMC 37 shots

Huskies 14 penalty minutes / RMC 22 penalty minutes