Huskies Deserves More Credit Than Given

The Huskies often get over looked for their hard work. Hurt by injured players and being small in numbers throughout the season the Huskies have still managed to have turned up the heat. They have delivered an astonishing overall record of 22-13-1 with a total of 45 points in only 36 games. Don’t bother looking to see who out performs the Huskies when it comes to overall games played because the Huskies sits atop the standings.

Not only have the Huskies performed well as a team, the warriors that make up this winning team have plenty of numbers to support their hard work. 8 (42%) of the top 19 goal leaders are Huskies, 11 (52%) of the top 21 assists leaders are also Huskies, and the Huskies fill 50% of the top 22 slots for points leaders. But don’t make any assumptions, the Huskies do out perform every team in the overall standings and the players fill 49% of the 61 slots that make up the top performing assists, goal and points leaders, but they don’t just put the puck in the net. These warriors are warriors. Allen, Martinez, Shubinski, Craig, Kalanges, and Pierzynski have a combined 468 PIM in 36 games which give the Huskies the top 6 spots in PIM numbers.

So the next time you go to put down the Huskies level of play, remember, they dominate the league across the board so keep your head up and get your goalie ready because you’re going to need all the help you can get. Below are more stats to wrap your head around: