D1 Spring Season Recap 2022

By Morgan Haga 

3/1/22       Dekalb, IL            The DI Huskies finished their third season as a D1 team. Their record for this season, improved from past seasons, was 4-19-3 (Wins, Loss, Overtime Loss). This year, the team was able to adjust their defense strategies and push the Huskies into overtime more often. 

On January 28th and January 29th the Huskies took on Illinois State University. On the 28th they fell 4-5 and on the 29th they fell 1-6. Huskies goaltender Brian Eisele was in the net for both games.  For Friday the 28th Huskies scored 4 goals. Luke Marks, Nick Gonzalez, Ethan Krieger, and Robert Apter scored those goals. The following day the Huskies were only able to find the back of the net once which was by Rodahn Evans.  

On Friday, February 4th, and Saturday, February 5th the Huskies were on home ice to take on the University of Toledo. After a tough fight, the Huskies fell Friday 3-7 and 5-6 on Saturday. Friday, Mason Ihrke and Jason Kliment scored goals against Toledo, and Saturday Austin Walny, Randy Apter, and Rodahn Evans scored. Goaltenders Grant Goodson and Ben Vutci were in the net. 

February 11 and 12 the Huskies played against Waldorf  University. The Huskies won February 11, 4-2. The Huskies’ goals were scored by Alec Porzondek, Robert Apter, Rodahn Evans, and Ethan Krieger. February 12 the Huskies fell against Waldorf 2-3. This was also senior night.  Matt Martin and Rodahn Evans were scorers of the night. The goaltender in the net for the weekend was Brian Eisele. 

The seniors prepared some short statements for the game Saturday night. Robert Apter, “I have been playing hockey since I was three years old. I am graduating this year with a master’s in finance with certificates in financial technology and data analytics. I also minored in economics and data analytics. Some of my favorite memories playing hockey here include scoring the shoot-out winners against southern Illinois and Iowa my first two years and getting to play with my brother this year.  I am still undecided about my plans for after graduation.” Tyler Gut, “ I have been playing hockey since I was 6.  From the 4 years that I have been playing for NIU one of my favorite memories was my freshman year getting 2 goals against ISU division 1 to beat them as we were a division 2 team at the time.  For my future, I am working toward graduate school for physical therapy.” Brandon Ledyard, “ My favorite memories at NIU are road trips with the team and adventures with my roommate. I will be graduating with a major in operation management information systems with a minor in analytics and two certifications. I am hoping to stay involved with NIU hockey after graduation as well.” Brian Eisele, “ My best memory of playing hockey was my time in juniors. I will graduate with a bachelor’s in sports management. After graduation, I plan to goalie coach while job searching and/or possibly continuing to play hockey at the next level.”

We also honored 2021 graduate Ethan Koncor “ After graduating in the Spring of ‘21, I began teaching at Streator High School. There I teach physical education, driver’s Ed, and health & fitness. While teaching I also coach Boys and Girls soccer for Streator high school. I can’t thank NIU enough for the tools they have given me to be successful as an educator, and I couldn’t be more grateful to my teammates and coaches here at NIU for giving me the skills to be an even better person and coach to the next generation of athletes.”

The following weekend the Huskies traveled to take on McKendree University on February 18th and 19th. For the final games of the regular season, the Huskies fell 3-7 and 1-4. The 18th Austin Walny and Tyler Gut scored goals as Brian Eisele was defending the Huskies net. On the 19th Jason Kliment scored with Ben Vutci as a goaltender. 

When finishing the regular season, they qualified for the MCH playoffs. They took on Illinois State University. They fell 2-6 with goals scored by, Rodahn Evans and Hunter Wahl. Brian Eisele was the goaltender for the Huskies.

Rodahn Evans holds the point leader of overall points, assists, and goals. He has 30 points with 18 goals and 12 assists. Senior Brandon Ledyard is a close follow for goals with 8 goals and Alec Porzondek follows with assists of 10.

The DI Huskies will be joined by a DII team for the 2022-2023 season. Schedule and season information will be posted closer to the beginning of the season in September.